Hiroshi Katayama

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Several prospective studies on laparoscopy-assisted distal gastrectomy for early gastric cancer have been initiated, but no prospective study evaluating laparoscopy-assisted total gastrectomy or laparoscopy-assisted proximal gastrectomy has been completed to date. A non-randomized confirmatory trial was commenced in April 2015 to evaluate the safety of(More)
A randomized controlled trial is currently being conducted in Japan to demonstrate the superiority of the no-touch isolation technique over the conventional technique for patients with potentially curative colon and rectosigmoid cancer. The conventional technique procedure gives first priority to mobilization of the tumor-bearing segment of the colon, which(More)
BACKGROUND Thoracoscopic esophagectomy is rapidly and increasingly being used worldwide because it is a less invasive alternative to open esophagectomy. However, few prospective multicenter studies have evaluated its safety profile. This study aimed to evaluate the safety profile of thoracoscopic esophagectomy using perioperative data from the Japan(More)
OBJECTIVE The quality of surgery with D3 resection in randomized controlled clinical trial [Japan Clinical Oncology Group study (JCOG0404)] was assessed by evaluation of the photo documentation of both open and laparoscopic surgeries. METHODS A multi-institutional randomized-controlled trial (JCOG0404) was conducted to evaluate open and laparoscopic D3(More)
We study a imaging system for reconstructing high spatial resolution image using high frame-rate images obtained by an image sensor. To apply high frame-rate images, it is assumed that the temporal correlation between motion vectors is high. We have previously proposed a motion estimation method based on the high accurate spatial gradients by predicting the(More)