Hiroshi Kashiwagi

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This paper proposes a method for obtaining surface ori-entations of transparent objects using polarization in highlight. Since the highlight, the specular component of reflection light from objects, is observed only near the spec-ular direction, it appears merely limited parts on an object surface. In order to obtain orientations of a whole object surface,(More)
|This paper describes a method for vehicle recognition , in particular, for recognizing a vehicle's make and model. Our system is designed to take into account the fact that vehicles of the same make and model number come in dierent colors; to deal with this problem, our system employs infra-red images, thereby eliminating color dier-ences. Another reason(More)
An all-electron density functional (DF) calculation on insulin was performed by the Gaussian-based DF program, ProteinDF. Quasi-canonical localized orbitals (QCLOs) were used to improve the initial guess for the self-consistent field (SCF) calculation. All calculations were carried out by parallel computing on eight processors of an Itanium2 cluster (SGI(More)
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