Hiroshi Kameya

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The paper proposes a method of writer verification based on a spotting method called CDP (Continuous Dynamic Programming). The method has more advantageous aspects over conventional methods; 1) no keyword registration in advance except that a user writes a sentence-like sequential pattern of stroke, 2) accep tance of any segment of the above pattern as an(More)
This paper propose a method of writer verification based on on-line features extracted from a process of drawing a figure, and evaluate its performance on handdrawn figures by genuine writers and pretenders. In the proposed method, a person in registration writes only the reference figure, which is composed of as many parts as possible and the person can be(More)
A novel synthesis of substituted pyrroles by a gold(I)-catalyzed cascade reaction has been developed. The reaction proceeded with an autotandem catalysis consisting of an initial addition of gold-acetylide to an acetal moiety and was followed by gold-catalyzed 5-endo-dig cyclization and aromatization. Gold catalysts play a dual role in activating(More)
2.5 Indoor and outdoor images from the MCInt. The top row contains images taken indoors and the bottom contains outdoor images taken on the same day as the indoor images 2.6 Verification performance ROC for eight participants on the HCInt large gallery and probe set. The gallery consisted of 37,347 individuals with some one image per person, and the probe(More)
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