Hiroshi Ishikawa

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UNLABELLED To clarify the role of ghrelin in bone metabolism, we examined the effect of ghrelin in vitro and in vivo. Ghrelin and its receptor, GHS-R1a, were identified in osteoblasts, and ghrelin promoted both proliferation and differentiation. Furthermore, ghrelin increased BMD in rats. Our results show that ghrelin directly affects bone formation. (More)
By converting androstenedione to estrone, or testosterone to estradiol, aromatase is a key enzyme in estrogen biosynthesis. Encoded by a single gene CYP19, aromatase is expressed in various tissues, including ovary, placenta, bone, brain, skin, and adipose tissue, via partially tissue-specific promoters, and is essential for normal estrogen-dependent(More)
Mesenchymal stem cells derived from human teeth and bone marrow have been characterized by many research groups, but demonstrate inconsistent cellular phenotypes or functions, partly because of differences in culture methodology. Therefore, our aims were to resolve these inconsistencies and discuss the potential uses of these cells in research/clinical(More)
In plants, the first step in betaine synthesis was shown to be catalyzed by a novel Rieske-type iron-sulfur enzyme, choline monooxygenase (CMO). Although CMO so far has been found only in Chenopodiaceae and Amaranthaceae, the recent genome sequence suggests the presence of a CMO-like gene in Arabidopsis, a betaine non-accumulating plant. Here, we examined(More)
Uterine leiomyomata (ULs) represent the most common tumor in women and can cause abnormal uterine bleeding, large pelvic masses, and recurrent pregnancy loss. Although the dependency of UL growth on ovarian steroids is well established, the relative contributions of 17beta-estradiol and progesterone are yet to be clarified. Conventionally, estradiol has(More)
BACKGROUND Budding along the invasive margin is reported to be associated with greater malignant potential in colorectal adenocarcinoma. We examined the prognostic significance of budding in patients with pT3 rectal carcinoma, particularly in comparison to other routine pathological findings. METHODS Surgically resected specimens from 83 well- or(More)
Extended resection, comprising extended right hemicolectomy, splenectomy, and distal pancreatectomy, has been advocated for carcinoma of the splenic flexure because the lymphatic drainage at this site is variable. The present study addresses the problems associated with selecting the most appropriate operative procedure to achieve cure of splenic flexure(More)
INTRODUCTION Mesenchymal stem cells display extensive proliferative capacity of multilineage differentiation. The stromal compartment of mesenchymal tissues is considered to harbor stem cells. We assessed the endodermal differentiation of mesenchymal cells from deciduous and wisdom tooth pulp. METHODS Dental mesenchymal cells were isolated and expanded in(More)
A cell line designated “HIBSPP” was established from a human malignant choroids plexus papilloma of 29-year-old Japanese woman. This line grew well without interruption for 3 years and was subcultivated over 70 times. The cells were spindle, oval, and polygonal in shape, and neoplastic and pleomorphic features, a jigsaw puzzle-like arrangement,(More)
XML data are expected to be widely used in Web information systems and EC/EDI applications. Such applications usually use a large number of XML data. First, we must allow users to retrieve only necessary portions of XML data by specifying search conditions to flexibly describe such applications. Second, we must allow users to combine XML data from different(More)