Hiroshi Irie

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—This paper presents a brief survey of the state of the art in nanoscale electronics, with special emphasis on room-temperature nanoscale ballistic deflection transistors (BDTs) and T-branch junctions (TBJs). Both devices are planar structures etched into a two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG). Extremely low capacitances (~0.2 fF) in the 2DEG system and low(More)
Nanocarbons have many potential medical applications. Drug delivery, diagnostic imaging, and photohyperthermia therapy, especially in the treatment of tumors, have attracted interest. For the further advancement of these application studies, the microscopic localization of nanocarbons in tumor tissues and cells is a prerequisite. In this study, carbon(More)
In many of today's most interesting materials, strong interactions prevail upon the magnetic moments, the electrons, and the crystal lattice, forming strong links between these different aspects of the system. Particularly, in two-dimensional cuprates, where copper is either five- or six-fold coordinated, superconductivity is commonly induced by chemical(More)
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