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Intraductal papillary mucinous tumors of the pancreas show a unique histologic feature in that the wide spectrum of intraductal epithelium is observed in the same pancreas. The aim of this study was to clarify whether or not the "clonal progression" relates to the development of this tumor. A total of 210 intraductal epithelium samples were microdissected(More)
To determine an antiapoptotic activity of poliovirus type 1 (PV-1), we examined the effect of PV-1 infection on apoptosis that was induced in HEp-2 cells by the treatment with 1 M sorbitol. The virus did not induce apoptosis in the infected cells and could suppress both the fragmentation of chromosomal DNA and morphological cell and cell nuclei changes in(More)
Understanding the relationship between black carbon (BC) and carbon monoxide (CO) will help improve BC emission inventories and the evaluation of global/regional climate forcing effects. In the present work, the BC (PM 1) mass concentration and CO mixing ratio were continuously measured at a high-altitude background station on the summit of Mt. 1840 m(More)
Papillary fibroelastomas (PFEs) are rare benign tumors usually found on cardiac valves, and do not commonly originate from the left ventricle (LV). We report a 74-year-old female with a PFE in the LV apex. We performed complete resection of the tumor through a transmitral approach using video-assisted thoracoscopy.
In contrast to insect viruses, animal viruses can produce considerable amounts of progeny virus in cells undergoing apoptosis. Nevertheless, viruses in general have acquired the ability to escape apoptosis of infected cells. These facts indicate that the role of apoptosis in virus infection is different in insect virus and animal virus, although both(More)
Long-chain fatty acid uptake, which provides a large part of myocardial energy, is impaired in human and murine hearts deficient in the membrane fatty acid translocase, FAT/CD36. We examined myocardial function in CD36-null mice using the working heart. Fatty acid oxidation and stores of glycogen, triglycerides, and ATP were reduced in CD36-deficient hearts(More)
PURPOSE Undescended testis is one of the most important congenital anomalies in male urogenital organs that may cause male infertility. We examined the process of spermatogenesis of TS inbred rats, of which approximately 70% of male newborns have congenital undescended testes. MATERIALS AND METHODS Unilaterally affected animals at ages 4, 6 and 8 weeks(More)
Intraperitoneal injection of serially diluted carbon tetrachloride (CCl(4)) from 0.2 to 2.0 ml/kg produced an LD(50) value of 0.46 ml/kg in the normal mouse. Following repeated administration of 0.2 ml/kg CCl(4) twice a week for 1 and 3 months, the LD(50) values were over 2.0 and 0.72 ml/kg, respectively. A single administration of 0.2 ml/kg CCl(4) induced,(More)
Apoptosis has been considered to be a host defense mechanism against viral infection in multicellular organisms. This is based on the findings that apoptogenic mutants of insect viruses cannot grow because infected host cells die by apoptosis. This suggests that the apoptotic response of host cells has a deleterious effect on virus infection. Thus,(More)
Single-walled carbon nanohorns (SWNHs) are single-graphene tubules that have shown high potential for drug delivery systems. In drug delivery, it is essential to quantitatively determine biodistribution and ultrastructural localization. However, to date, these determinations have not been successfully achieved. In this report, we describe for the first time(More)