Hiroshi Ijiri

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Bombyx mori cypovirus is a major pathogen which causes significant losses in silkworm cocoon harvests because the virus particles are embedded in micrometer-sized protein crystals called polyhedra and can remain infectious in harsh environmental conditions for years. But the remarkable stability of polyhedra can be applied on slow-release carriers of(More)
Silk gut processed from the silk glands of the silkworm could be an ideal biodegradable carrier for cell growth factors. We previously demonstrated that polyhedra, microcrystals of Cypovirus 1 polyhedrin, can serve as versatile carrier proteins. Here, we report the generation of a transgenic silkworm that expresses polyhedrin together with human basic(More)
Zipf distribution is an unambiguous target that any empirically accurate theory of the firm must hit. This result, taken together with those in (21) and (27), place important limits on models of firm dynamics. That is, (i) firm growth rates follow a Laplace distribution , (ii) the standard deviation in growth rates falls with initial firm size according to(More)
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