Hiroshi Hoshino

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In this paper, a method of estimating both the position and the rotation angle of an object on a measurement stage was proposed. The system utilizes the radio communication technology and the directivity of an antenna. As the preliminary study, an experimental system that employs RFID technology was developed. Two RFID tags are used for estimating the(More)
A method for obtaining electrocardiographic potential through thin cloth inserted between the measuring electrodes and the skin of a subject's dorsal surface when lying supine has been proposed. The method is based on capacitive coupling involving the electrode, the cloth, and the skin. Examination of a pilot device which employed the method revealed the(More)
This paper aims at introducing 'CyberDome', a PC-Clustered Projection Based VR Display, where the illusion of immersion is realized by projecting stereo images into a hemi-spherical screen. With the help of our developed distortion correction software, the system is capable of displaying life size, stereoscopic, distortion free images on the screen with a(More)
In this study, we developed a compact wireless Laplacian electrode module for electromyograms (EMGs). One of the advantages of the Laplacian electrode configuration is that EMGs obtained with it are expected to be sensitive to the firing of the muscle directly beneath the measurement site. The performance of the developed electrode module was investigated(More)
We developed a compact wireless electrode containing an amplifier, a filter and a transmitter to measure the Laplacian electromyogram (Laplacian EMG) using the source derivation method. We made a character input system by connecting a circuit converting Laplacian EMG signals to clicks, with a personal computer in which a software for scanning character(More)
Modification and reuse of digital contents, particularly web data, has become easy due to advancement in computer technology. The work created by a person (or a group of persons) can be reused by another person (or group) for different purpose. Thus, there can be multiple copyright holders for the same information. In such scenario, it is important to(More)
Currently, there is no effective pharmacotherapy against exaggerated mobilisation of neutrophils in human airway diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma. We evaluated the effect of two synthetic vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP)-like analogues on cytokine-induced neutrophil recruitment in airways in vivo. Recombinant interleukin(More)
Extrapyramidal symptoms (EPS) are common adverse effects of antipsychotic treatment. This study examined the effects of the traditional Japanese herbal medicine (kampo) shakuyaku-kanzo-to on EPS during antipsychotic treatment. Twenty-two Japanese patients with psychiatric disorders who had developed EPS during antipsychotic treatment were randomly allocated(More)