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This paper proposes an evolutionary optimized recurrent neural network for inspection of open/short defects on thin film transistor (TFT) lines of flat panel displays (FPD). The inspection is performed on digitized waveform data of voltage signals that are captured by a capacitor based non-contact sensor through scanning over TFT lines on the surface of(More)
This paper presents a methodology for optimization of line scan path on fixed panel displays (FPD) using a modified self organizing map (SOM). The existing scanning method of defective thin film transistor (TFT) lines on FPDs by a non-contact moving sensor is top down and unidirectional which is time consuming. First, the problem is approximated to a well(More)
—In inspections of printed circuit boards (PCBs), a test probe has to be moved to a number of PCB wiring patterns in some order. This paper considers path optimization for minimizing a total path length of testing PCBs arrayed on a plane. Due to the miniaturization of PCBs, the procedure of " alignment " has been recently needed in order to know the exact(More)
Pin probe inspection methods have been widely used in printed circuit board electrical inspection. Due to the miniaturization of electronic devices, the positioning of inspection jig (called probe jig) is very important for precisely conducting pattern tests of wiring on PCBs. This article newly develops a probe jig position correction algorithm that(More)
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