Hiroshi H. Hasegawa

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The history of population structure is a key to effective wildlife management and conservation. However, inferring the history of population structure using present genetic structures is problematic when the method is applied to species that have experienced severe population bottlenecks. Ancient DNA analysis seemed to be a promising, direct method for(More)
SUMMARY HRTFs (head-related transfer functions) are available for sound field reproduction with spatial fidelity, since HRTFs involve the acoustic cues such as interaural time difference , interaural intensity difference and spectral cues that are used for the perception of the location of a sound image. Generally , FIR filters are used in the simulation of(More)
This paper presents the experimental investigations into skin effect influences on current distortion and increase in loss for 20 kHz PWM-VSI-fed slotless PMSM drives. At first, the relation between the current distortion and the skin effect of lamination steels caused by high frequency component of flux is examined. Secondly, the relation between the(More)
+ Abstract We propose a derivation of statistical laws from time series data analysis on the analogy of the thermodynamics. Recently, Sekimoto and Sasa reconstructed thermodynamics of systems, which are governed by the Langevin equations. We construct \thermodynamics" by applying their approach to the Auto Regressive type models, in which the random(More)
Asian dust events transport the airborne bacteria in Chinese desert regions as well as mineral particles and influence downwind area varying biological ecosystems and climate changes. However, the airborne bacterial dynamics were rarely investigated in the Gobi desert area, where dust events are highly frequent. In this study, air samplings were(More)
The major fractions of dissolved iron in seawater exist as a complex with organic ligands. A high bioavailability of iron bound to humic acid (HA) compared to the other model ligands, such as desferrioxamine B or ferrichrome, has been reported, which implies the importance of HA to control the geochemical behavior and the transfer of Fe to marine(More)