Hiroshi Fukushima

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Yersinia enterocolitica and Y. pseudotuberculosis which can cause yersiniosis in humans and animals are thought to be significant food-borne pathogens and be important as hygiene indicator in food safety. The pathogenic Y. enterocolitica serotypes/biotypes are O:3/4 and 3 variant VP negative, O:5, 27/2, O:8/1b, and O:9/2, have been reported worldwide. Y.(More)
OBJECTIVES Sarcopenia, a novel concept reflecting the degenerative loss of skeletal muscle mass, is an objective indicator of cancer cachexia. We investigated its role as a prognostic biomarker in advanced urothelial carcinoma (UC) patients. METHODS This retrospective study consisted of 88 UC patients with cT4 and/or metastases to lymph nodes/distant(More)
A set of four duplex SYBR Green I PCR (SG-PCR) assay combined with DNA extraction using QIAamp DNA Stool Mini kit was evaluated for the detection of foodborne bacteria from 21 foodborne outbreaks. The causative pathogens were detected in almost all cases in 2 hours or less. The first run was for the detection of 8 main foodborne pathogens in 5 stool(More)
A set of 8 multiplex real-time SYBR Green PCR (SG-PCR) assays including 3 target primers and an internal amplification control (IAC) primer was simultaneously evaluated in 3 h or less with regard to detection of 24 target genes of 23 foodborne pathogens in 7 stool specimens of foodborne outbreak using a 96-well reaction plate. This assay, combined with DNA(More)
We evaluated the prognostic roles of local therapy to bone metastasis (BM) in metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC) patients with BM. This retrospective study included 71 mRCC patients with BM. Local therapy to BM included en bloc resection, curettage, and radiotherapy (RT). RT was classified into RT with biological effective dose (BED) ≥85 Gy and <85 Gy(More)
This paper presents the design of a data base organization for an electronic equipment design automation system. First, the requirement for the data base file will be summarized. Then, the logical structure the authors see to be the solution to this particular problem will be developed and demonstrated. Topics on the physical implementation of the file are(More)
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