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BACKGROUND A robust phylogenetic hypothesis of euthyneuran gastropods, as a basis to reconstructing their evolutionary history, is still hindered by several groups of aberrant, more or less worm-like slugs with unclear phylogenetic relationships. As a traditional "order" in the Opisthobranchia, the Acochlidia have a long history of controversial placements,(More)
To develop a high-resolution in vivo human neuroanatomy database for Japanese brains, a data set on 1547 normal subjects between the ages of 16 and 79 years has been collected. First, we determined individual reference brains of normal Japanese for each age and gender group. We found there exists cross-generational changes in brain shape, that is, the young(More)
We show a simple method to generate polyominoes and polyiamonds that produce isohedral tilings with p3, p4 or p6 rotational symmetry by using n line segments between lattice points on a regular hexagonal, square and triangular lattice, respectively. We exhibit all possible tiles generated by this algorithm up to n = 9 for p3, n = 8 for p4, and n = 13 for(More)
We describe computer algorithms that can enumerate and display, for a given n > 0 (in theory, of any size), all n-ominoes, n-iamonds, and n-hexes that can tile the plane using only rotations; these sets necessarily contain all such tiles that are fundamental domains for p4, p3, and p6 isohedral tilings. We display the outputs for small values of n. This(More)
Paraplegics can maintain a standing posture, called the "C-posture", while wearing an orthosis. The significant feature of the C-posture is that the body's center of mass is located behind the hip joint. In this study, we investigate the C-posture mechanism and assess the relationship between posture and stability, the aim being to restore standing(More)
A significant positive correlation between height and intelligence has been demonstrated in children. Additionally, intelligence has been associated with the volume of gray matter in the brains of children. Based on these correlations, we analyzed the correlation among height, full-scale intelligence quotient (IQ) and gray matter volume applying voxel-based(More)
Sleep is essential for living beings, and sleep loss has been shown to affect hippocampal structure and function in rats by inhibiting cell proliferation and neurogenesis in this region of the brain. We aimed to analyze the correlation between sleep duration and the hippocampal volume using brain magnetic resonance images of 290 healthy children aged 5-18(More)
A thinning scheme could be used as an useful pre processing in image processing. Various algorithms have been proposed to produce the skeleton of digital binary pattern. However, they have undesirable properties that tend to cause shrinking or vanishing of the segment, the appearance of a beard, and warping where segments intersect. In this paper, we(More)