Hiroo Nakahara

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Phase diagrams of Langmuir monolayers of alpha-mycolic acids (alpha-MAs) from representative slow growing mycobacteria were intensively analyzed over a range of temperatures, by using so-called type-1 alpha-MAs having two cis-cyclopropyl groups from Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Mycobacterium kansasii and Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare complex (MAC) and(More)
 Toxic cyanobacterial blooms have occurred in the near-shore waters of the North Basin of Lake Biwa, Japan, since 1994, and have been attributed to deterioration of water quality in the enriched littoral zone of the lake. From 1997 onwards, the bloom-forming cyanobacteria have been observed with increasing frequency in the deep offshore waters of the North(More)
Prompt gamma-ray neutron activation analysis (PGNAA) using the internal mono-standard method was tested for its applicability to analyzing large solid samples including irregularly shaped meteorite samples. For evaluating the accuracy and precision of the method, large quantities of the Geological Survey of Japan standardized rock powders (JB-1a, JG-1a, and(More)
We have investigated how the dynamics of surfactant molecules changes with the vesicle-micelle transition by (1)H NMR relaxation studies on the sodium decyl sulfate (SDeS)-decyltrimethylammonium bromide (DeTAB)-deuterium oxide system. The study has been planned with reference to the phase diagram of the SDeS-DeTAB-water system deduced from thermodynamic(More)
Phase diagrams of Langmuir monolayers of oxygenated mycolic acids, i.e. methoxy mycolic acid (MeO-MA), ketomycolic acid (Keto-MA), and artificially obtained deoxo-mycolic acid (deoxo-MA) from Mycobacterium bovis BCG were obtained by thermodynamic analysis of the surface pressure (pi) vs. average molecular area (A) isotherms. At lower temperatures and lower(More)
Phase diagrams of the Langmuir monolayer of dicyclopropyl alpha mycolic acid (alpha-MA), cyclopropyl methoxy mycolic acid (MeO-MA), and cyclopropyl ketomycolic acids (Keto-MA) from Mycobacterium tuberculosis were obtained by thermodynamic analysis of the surface pressure (pi) vs. average molecular area (A) isotherms at temperatures in the range of 10-46(More)
The monolayer behavior of long-chain esters of acrylic and methacrylic acids containing perfluoro or partially fluorinated carbon chains at the air/water interface was studied by surface pressure-area isotherm measurements and Brewster angle microscopy. It has been found that a minor change in the chemical structures of these fluorinated amphiphiles, such(More)
We report electrostatic and piezoelectric properties of the atomic-level-controlled clean surface of BaTiO<inf>3</inf> single crystals in ultra high vacuum (UHV), which has not been reported so far. The results are analyzed by the surface conduction measurements in UHV, reexamination of 180 domain theory, ab-initio calculations.
From AFM observation of transferred films on mica, it has been found that mixed monolayers of hexadecanol with poly(vinyl stearate) give a film with a less-defective and flat surface by spreading from bulk solids of those mixtures onto a water surface without using any organic solvent. As a result, those mixed monolayers have a considerably larger effect on(More)