Hiroo Inokuchi

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Oceanic plateaus form by mantle processes distinct from those forming oceanic crust at divergent plate boundaries. Eleven drillsites into igneous basement of Kerguelen Plateau and Broken Ridge, including seven from the recent Ocean Drilling Program Leg 183 (1998^99) and four from Legs 119 and 120 (1987^88), show that the dominant rocks are basalts with(More)
The dissolved organic carbon (DOC) concentrations in mesotrophic Lake Biwa were determined by a total organic carbon (TOC) analyzer, and DOC molecular size distributions were determined by size exclusion chromatography (SEC) using a fluorescence detector at excitation/emission (Ex/Em) levels of 300/425 nm with the eluent at pH 9.7. The fluorescence(More)
288 Ó WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH, D-69469 Weinheim, 2000 0935-9648/00/0402-0288 $ 17.50+.50/0 Adv. Mater. 2000, 12, No. 4 riers in the 6T wire. Holes are trapped by defects in the crystal, which reduces the number of mobile carriers and hinders the movement of untrapped positive-charge carriers. Charge trapping can be reversed, however, by applying a(More)
We developed a 1.5 μm eye-safe wavelength high-gain and high-average power laser amplifier using an Er,Yb:glass planar waveguide for coherent Doppler LIDAR. Applying the planar waveguide structure, high-average output power with near single transverse mode was realized. Consequently, high-gain and high-efficient operation were achieved by multi-bounce(More)
Water, the most common and important liquid, has peculiar properties like the density maximum at 4 C. Such properties are thought to stem from complex changes in the bonding-network structure of water molecules. And yet we cannot understand water. The discovery of the high-density amorphous ice (HDA) in 1984 and the discovery of the apparently discontinuous(More)
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