Hironori Shigeta

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This paper introduces a smart office chair, Owens Luis, whose pronunciation has a meaning of “an encouraging chair ( )” in Japanese. For most of the people, office environments are the place where they spend the longest time while awake. To improve the quality of life (QoL) in the office, Owens Luis monitors an office worker’s mental and physiological(More)
In this paper we present a parallelized particle-based volume rendering (PBVR) system to obtain super linear speedup, i.e. the speedup with N processors is greater than N, on a distributed computing system. PBVR is a technique of volume rendering which does not need any sorting therefore it is suitable for parallel execution. We implemented the parallel(More)
We propose a smart office system that recognizes office workers’ mental and physiological states to improve their quality of life at office. We integrated our systems into a single smart office environment. In this article we show the implementation of the smart office system and the details of each of its components such as I/O devices. Keywords-Context(More)
A better understanding of in vivo bio images is expected to contribute to the discovery of new drugs and mechanisms of disease. To improve the contributions of in vivo bioimaging, the extraction of a particular region is required in order to detect a particular cell’s motion because manual image processing of a massive number of images is unrealistic. One(More)
Emerging bioimaging technologies enable us to capture various dynamic cellular activities [Formula: see text]. As large amounts of data are obtained these days and it is becoming unrealistic to manually process massive number of images, automatic analysis methods are required. One of the issues for automatic image segmentation is that image-taking(More)
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