Hironori Sakamoto

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To analyze the radio propagation channel inside a tunnel, a wideband directional measurement campaign was managed inside an arched tunnel which was constructed to be used for a highway. Using a wideband channel sounder equipped with a cylindrical dual polarized array at the receiver (Rx), the spatio-temporal characteristics of the received propagation paths(More)
In contrast to a complex feature of antinodal state, suffering from competing orders, the pairing gap of cuprates is obtained in the nodal region, which therefore holds the key to the superconducting mechanism. One of the biggest question is whether the point nodal state as a hallmark of d-wave pairing collapses at Tc like the BCS-type superconductors, or(More)
The prediction of received power in the adjacent zone of a Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) system operating inside an arched transportation tunnel is discussed. Wideband directional channel sounding was conducted inside the tunnel, and the gain, angleof-arrival and delay of each propagation path were estimated from the measured data. By(More)
In this paper, the prediction of received power in the out-of-zone of a Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) system operating inside a typical arched highway tunnel is discussed. By conducting wideband directional channel sounding inside the tunnel, the gain, angle-of-arrival and delay of each propagation path are estimated by means of a(More)
A discrete surface potential model which accurately reflects channel doping profile is proposed. The proposed model is an improvement from the previously proposed model [1] in order to accurately calculate drain current in full bias region using the same mobility and velocity saturation models as TCAD. Since the proposed model is a kind of(More)
The electrochemical properties of screen-printed diamond electrodes with various insulating polyester (PES) resin binder/boron-doped diamond powder (BDDP) ratios were investigated for high sensitivity electrochemical detection. For PES/BDDP weight ratios in the range of 0.3-0.5, the BDDP-printed electrodes exhibited cyclic voltammetry (CV) characteristics(More)
Quantum interference between two LO phonon modes and valence band states is investigated by Raman spectra of p-type Ga0.5In0.5P. The spectrum fitting analysis reveals the quantum interference features in asymmetric line shape, broadening, and peak shift. This finding suggests the possibility of the control of the absorption profile in THz frequency region.
This paper reports the evaluation results of the channel boron distribution in the deep sub-0.1 [μm] n-MOSFETs for the first time. It has been found that the boron depletion effect becomes dominant and the reverse short channel effect becomes less significant in the deep sub-0.1 [μm] n-MOSFETs. It has been also found that the sheet charge distribution(More)
Proposed is a fitting accuracy metric suitable for compact model qualification in all MOSFET operation regions. Fitting accuracy is quantified with a logarithmic deviation of simulated characteristics (such as current) from their measurement counterparts, normalized with the logarithmic deviation amplitude estimated with processs-kewed parameters (corner(More)
The propagation channel characteristics of a transportation tunnel for DSRC applications is discussed. One problem in DSRC applications is that the received power in the adjacent (non-coverage) zone can be higher than the maximum allowed threshold. To identify its cause, a wideband directional channel sounding was conducted inside the tunnel. From the(More)