Hironori Kitakaze

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Recently, the importance of biosimulation softwares in systems biology has been emphasized and received considerable attentions. Since the information conventionally created with most of biosimulation softwares does not have a common format for modeling, it has been very difficult to exchange pathway models among them. At present, the Systems Biology group(More)
This paper demonstrates the importance of fine fluctuations quantitatively by measuring the detection thresholds of fine fluctuations in singing-voice F0s, in which voice quality is particularly important. We analyzed the fine fluctuations left by subtracting the melody and vibrato components from estimated F0s, focusing on the modulation frequency (MF) and(More)
Genomic Object Net (GON) is a biosimlation tool that allows us to model various kinds of biopathways including gene regulatory networks, metabolic pathways, and signal transduction pathways in a biologically intuitive way [4]. In GON, biopathway is modeled as an extension of hybrid Petri net called hybrid functional Petri net (HFPN) for which XML(More)
Living organisms have ingenious control mechanisms in which many molecular interactions work for keeping their normal activities against disturbances inside and outside of them. However, at the same time, the control mechanism has debacle points at which the stability can be broken easily. This paper proposes a new method which uses recurrent neural network(More)
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