Hironori Izumi

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A power-amplifier filter architecture is described in which a switching-mode power amplifier with pulse density modulation is inserted in each path of a transversal filter. This filter suppresses the quantization noise that remains at the output of the component power amplifiers as well as amplifies the signal with high efficiency. The center frequency and(More)
This paper presents the performance of the quadrature modulation (QM) transmitter when compared with the (PM) transmitter. So as to evaluate the substantive power efficiency in both transmitters, the effective demodulation power efficiency (EDPE) is proposed as a novel figure of merit for transmitters. Computer simulation reveals that the EDPE for a QM(More)
A one-step conversion of 3-aryl-3-(2-aminophenyl)-1-propyn-3-ols into quinoline-2(1H)-thiones and quinoline-2(1H)-selones was achieved only by treating the substrates with n-butyllithium and either elemental sulfur or selenium, respectively. The reactions were assumed to proceed through an intramolecular nucleophilic attack of the neighboring amino group to(More)
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