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We examined the nasal responsiveness to topical methacholine application in allergic rhinitis and non-allergic chronic rhinitis patients, and in control subjects. Methacholine responsiveness was significantly higher in allergic rhinitis patients than in non-allergic patients and control subjects. In perennial rhinitis, methacholine responsiveness correlated(More)
Seventy-seven children (147 ears) with secretory otitis media (S.O.M.) were surgically treated by myringotomy with aspiration, insertion of ventilating tubes, and adenoidectomy, if indicated. The results of treatment for S.O.M. were analyzed according to the degree of mastoid pneumatization and complications with or without ipsilateral sinusitis. The(More)
A subpopulation of adenoidal lymphocytes was determined by the E- and EAC-rosetting techniques in order to study an immunological profile of adenoids in 61 children with recurrent otitis media, rhinosinusitis or recurrent tonsillitis. Though there was no significant difference in E- and EAC-rosette forming cells of adenoid tissues from children with(More)
BACKGROUND A traumatic neuroma is not a true neoplasm but a reactive proliferation of neural tissue that commonly occurs after the transection or damage of a nerve bundle. Traumatic neuromas are rare in the oral region and usually occur as a solitary nodule of the mental foramen, lower lip, or tongue. This is the first report of a diffuse traumatic neuroma(More)
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