Hironari Yoneda

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This paper introduces a vertical ladder climbing of the humanoid robot only by the posture control without any external sensors. The humanoid robot does not have any special structure for fixing the body to the ladder. The robot maintains the body on the ladder by its grippers like human does. As a problem of this locomotion, a free gripper position of the(More)
This paper introduces the effectiveness of the body motion for the pace gait of vertical ladder climbing. The pace gait is a symmetrical motion of left side and right side to climb the ladder. As a previous work, we realized the vertical ladder climbing motion; however, it is not stable since the external disturbance is not considered. We add a body motion(More)
This paper describes a transition motion from ladder climbing to brachiation for the multi-locomotion robot (MLR). Though the transition motion is as complicated as human doing, the robot shoulder degrees of freedom (only 2 DOFs) are less than human. The paper presents how to make the robot complete complicated motion with limited freedoms. In order to(More)
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