Hironao Yamada

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In this paper, a tele-operation control system of construction robot (TCSCR) with the master-slave control form is presented, which consists of a construction robot controlled by servo valve, and two joysticks for operating the robot from a remote place, and 3-dimensional virtual working environment based on the virtual reality technology. The(More)
In this paper, a tele-robotics system for a construction machine is investigated. The system consists of a servo-controlled construction robot, two joysticks for controlling the robot, and a 3-dimensional virtual environment. Computer graphics (CG) of the robot and task objects are presented to the operator in virtual scene as a tool for assisting(More)
A low-cost excavator simulator has been developed in this paper for training human operators and evaluating control strategies for heavy-duty hydraulic machines. In such a system, the operator controls a virtual excavator by means of a joystick while experiencing realistic operating feelings through force feedback, graphical displays, and sound effects in(More)
A tele-operation robotic system using bilateral control is useful for performing restoration in damaged areas, and also in extreme environments such as space, the seabed and deep underground. The system consists of an excavator as the construction robot, and two joysticks for operating the robot from a safe place. Operator needs to feel a realistic sense of(More)