Hiromu Takamatsu

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We cloned a Bacillus subtilis gene (srb) encoding a homologue of the mammalian signal recognition particle receptor alpha-subunit (SR alpha). The gene is 987 bp in length and encodes a 329-amino acid protein. The deduced amino acid sequence of the protein shared 26.6, 36.2 and 49.7% identity with those of mammalian SR alpha, archaebacterial DP alpha and(More)
Germination of dormant spores of Bacillus species is initiated when nutrient germinants bind to germinant receptors in spores' inner membrane and this interaction triggers the release of dipicolinic acid and cations from the spore core and their replacement by water. Bacillus subtilis spores contain three functional germinant receptors encoded by the gerA,(More)
BACKGROUND If a fixed stress is applied to the three-dimensional z-axis of a solid material, followed by heating, the amount of thermal expansion increases according to a fixed coefficient of thermal expansion. When expansion is plotted against temperature, the transition temperature at which the physical properties of the material change is at the apex of(More)
The predicted amino acid sequence of Bacillus subtilis ycsK exhibits similarity to the GDSL family of lipolytic enzymes. Northern blot analysis showed that ycsK mRNA was first detected from 4 h after the onset of sporulation and that transcription of ycsK was dependent on SigK and GerE. The fluorescence of the YcsK-green fluorescent protein fusion protein(More)
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