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Keywords: counteraggression David's score dominance dominance asymmetry dominance gradient hierarchical steepness macaque phylogenetic signal primate behaviour social structure Phylogenetic models of primate social behaviour posit that core social traits are inherent species characteristics that depend largely on phylogenetic histories of species rather(More)
We observed feeding behavior, movement, focal point utilization, and diet of two stream-dwelling benthic fishes, torrent catfish Liobagrus reini and Japanese fluvial sculpin Cottus pollux (large-egg type), under experimental conditions. Torrent catfish are benthos feeders, cruise widely, and prey exclusively on chironomid and trichopteran larvae. Japanese(More)
Chlamydia pneumoniae has recently been recognized to cause various human respiratory tract diseases, including pharyngitis, bronchitis and pneumonia. The most common pathogens of respiratory tract infections such as Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae are frequently present in middle ear effusions. Therefore, it is possible that C.(More)
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