Hiromitsu Nishimura

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In this paper, we propose a design method of a reference-filtering-type two-degree-of-freedom control system with a structure of antiwindup feedback control in order to overcome actuator saturation problem. By using a hyperbolic tangential function as the saturation function, the time derivative of the controller output is introduced in order to construct a(More)
We propose a design method for active seismic isolation control taking account of actuator saturation. By using a hyperbolic tangential function that is differentiable to controller output, we formulate the linear parameter varying system according to the controller output and design a gain-scheduled controller. By carrying out simulations and experiments(More)
The purpose of our research is to improve the recognition rate of off-line character recognition systems using the HMM (Hidden Markov Model) without increasing a number of HMM parameters too much. Some 2-dimensional HMM character recognition systems have been proposed to increase representational power. However, since 2–D HMM has much more complex structure(More)
Recognition of variously deformed character patterns is a salient subject for off-line hand-printed character recognition. Sufficient recognition performance for practical use has not been achieved despite reports of many recognition techniques. Our research examines effective recognition techniques for deformed characters, extending conventional(More)
In off-line hand-printed character recognition, improving the recognition of deformed patterns is an important area of research. Although many recognition techniques have been proposed, none of these methods perform well enough for practical use. Our research examined how to improve recognition of various deformed hand-printed characters by extending(More)