Hiromitsu Kato

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Service systems in public spaces are now being developed by employing ubiquitous computers in these spaces. Such systems must provide services to end users with a wide range of motivations, including unmotivated users who do not actively use the available services. Context-awareness to support these users is thus an important requirement for this kind of(More)
Much business and technical attention is being paid to the potential for new services in a ubiquitous computing environment. One of the probable features of these services is 'context-awareness', which is made possible by using information from the physical environmental through sensors. This paper provides an overview of the opportunities for new services(More)
OVERVIEW: To supply public infrastructure systems that keep pace with changes in society, Hitachi is promoting the symbiosis autonomous decentralized concept, a system concept for achieving the sustainability of society as a whole while treating change as the norm. To turn this concept into reality, Hitachi is developing system development technologies that(More)
We are trying to resolve privacy issues of monitoring cameras through the "Yaoyorozu Project," which is a research project based on a "transdisciplinary science and technology" approach. In this paper we describe technical issues that must be addressed to assure both privacy and monitoring availability. We describe the design and development of a system(More)
We propose a method to retrieve trustworthy information from a word-of-mouth community space that could include inappropriate information. In a ubiquitous information society, high anonymity could cause some problems concerning human rights infringements, such as slander and invasion of privacy. On the other hand, unless anonymity is guaranteed at a certain(More)
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