Hiromitsu Honda

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Four series of {110} GdBi garnet film bubble memory media with orthorhombic anisotropy were grown on {110} Nd<inf>3</inf>Ga<inf>5</inf>O<inf>12</inf> garnet substrates. The orthorhombic anisotropy energy differences K<inf>u</inf> ([110] to [001]) and K<inf>p</inf> ([110] to [110]) were calculated from the anisotropic magnetic field and the 4¿M<inf>s</inf>(More)
LPE-grown (100) magnetic garnet films were implanted with He<sup>+</sup> ions under different conditions and annealed at 300°C, and the effect on the anisotropy field was studied. The field H<inf>k1</inf> for implanted layers was less than half that of unimplanted films, and decreased with increasing temperature; the change in effective anisotropy field(More)
The effects of H<inf>2</inf><sup>+</sup> implantation on magnetic anisotropy in (100) and (110) garnet films were studied by ferromagnetic resonance, and compared with results for helium implantation. The ``hydrogen effect", a large increase in the effective uniaxial anisotropy field with hydrogen implantation in (111) films, was not observed in (100)(More)
Genes have been considered to determine biological shape. However, based on several studies of the self-organization of biological systems, I would like to point out that genes do not always determine biological shape directly, but produce dynamic units that are spontaneously assembled into a characteristic shape. The spontaneously assembling is affected by(More)
Anisotropy changes caused by He<sup>+</sup> and H<inf>2</inf><sup>+</sup> implantations in (100), (110), and (111) magnetic garnet films have been studied. In (100) films, in striking contrast to (111) films, uniaxial anisotropy field changes were almost the same for He<sup>+</sup> and H<inf>2</inf><sup>+</sup> implantations. In (110) films, the(More)
It is necessary to control the internal stress of optical thin films in order to address problems such as peeling and cracking. Internal stress differs among films prepared by different deposition methods. We investigated the internal stress of films prepared by sputtering, electron beam (EB) evaporation, and a combination deposition method that we(More)
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