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We established a rat chronic alveolar hypoxia in vivo model to evaluate the efficacy against hypoxic pulmonary hypertension of a new angiotensin II-receptor I blocker, olmesartan medoxomil. Three groups of rats were established: rats exposed for 2-6 weeks to 10% oxygen atmosphere in a normobaric chamber; hypoxic rats treated with olmesartan medoxomil oral(More)
We study the stability of fuzzy S 2 × S 2 × S 2 backgrounds in three different IIB type matrix models with respect to the change of the spins of each S 2 at the two loop level. We find that S 2 × S 2 × S 2 background is metastable and the effective action favors a single large S 2 in comparison to the remaining S 2 × S 2 in the models with Myers term. On(More)
A group of fuzzy spacetime with SU (3) isometry is studied at the two loop level in IIB matrix model. It consists of spacetime from 4 to 6 dimensions, namely from CP 2 to SU (3)/U (1) × U (1). The effective action scales in a universal manner in the large N limit as N and N 4/3 on 4 and 6 dimensional manifolds respectively. The 4 dimensional spacetime CP 2(More)
S 3 is a simple principle bundle which is locally S 2 × S 1. It has been shown that such a space can be constructed in terms of matrix models. It has been also shown that such a space can be realized by a generalized compactification procedure in the S 1 direction. We investigate the effective action of supersymmetric gauge theory on S 3 with an angular(More)
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