Hiromi Takahashi

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Complex formation between indomethacin (Indo) and casein hydrolysate was developed as a novel technique for enhancing the water solubility of Indo. The complex (Indo-Pep) was prepared by mixing an ethanol solution of Indo and an aqueous solution of peptide mixture, followed by lyophilization. The water solubility of Indo-Pep under weakly acidic and neutral(More)
The Retinex theory deals with separation of irradiance and reflectance from an image. Recently, Kimmel and others proposed a variational framework that unifies the previous Poisson-equation-type Retinex algorithms developed by Horn and others, and presented a separation algorithm with the time-evolution of a linear diffusion process. However, this(More)
Millimeter-wave components were re-examined for high power (Mega-Watt) and steady-state (greater than one hour) operation. Some millimeter-wave components, including waveguide joints, vacuum pumping sections, power monitors, sliding waveguides, and injection windows, have been improved for high power CW (Continuous Waves) transmission. To improve(More)
Heavy ion beam probe (HIBP) for large helical device (LHD) has been improved to measure the potential fluctuation in high-temperature plasmas. The spatial resolution is improved to about 10 mm by controlling the focus of a probe beam. The HIBP is applied to measure the potential fluctuation in plasmas where the rotational transform is controlled by electron(More)
Electron cyclotron current drive (ECCD) is an attractive tool for controlling plasmas. In the large helical device (LHD), ECCD experiments have been performed by using an EC-wave power source, gyrotron, with a frequency of 84 GHz. The maximum driven current was ∼9 kA with 100 kW injection power to plasma and 8 s duration of EC-wave pulse. These years,(More)
The water-soluble 4-sulfonatophenyl meso-substituted porphyrin (TPPS) dye exhibits a transformation to a chiral self-aggregate from the non-aggregated species (diprotonated H4TPPS(2-)) at low concentration (no more than 1 × 10(-5) M). Immobilization of supramolecular chiral porphyrin homoassociates was mediated by the electrostatic interaction between the(More)
The collective Thomson scattering (CTS) is one of the most promising methods for evaluating the ion velocity distribution function. The study of CTS diagnostic has been started utilizing the gyrotron and antenna/transmission systems installed in LHD for high power local electron heating. One of the high power gyrotrons at 77 GHz is selected as a probing(More)
A commercially available spectrometer has been modified to perform plasmon waveguide resonance (PWR) spectroscopy over a broad spectral bandwidth. When compared to surface plasmon resonance (SPR), PWR has the advantage of allowing measurements in both s- and p-polarizations on a waveguide surface that is silica or glass rather than a noble metal. Here the(More)