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The extracts of Salacia reticulata (Salacia extract), a plant that has been used for the treatment of early diabetes, rheumatism and gonorrhea in Ayurveda, have been shown to have an anti-obesity effect and suppress hyperglycemia. In this study, the effects of Salacia extract on various symptoms of metabolic disorder were investigated and compared using(More)
BACKGROUND Hydrocellular foam dressing, modern wound dressing, induces moist wound environment and promotes wound healing: however, the regulatory mechanisms responsible for these effects are poorly understood. This study was aimed to reveal the effect of hydrocellular foam dressing on hyaluronan, which has been shown to have positive effects on wound(More)
A common complication in patients with incontinence is perineal skin lesions, which are recognized as a form of dermatitis. In these patients, perineal skin is exposed to digestive enzymes and intestinal bacterial flora, as well as excessive water. The relative contributions of digestive enzymes and intestinal bacterial flora to skin lesion formation have(More)
The purpose of this study is to quantify hammock effects over artificial bony prominence using a newly developed buttocks model similar to human buttocks, and examine differences between various cushions and covers. A repeated measures design was used where immersions were measured with diverse weights on each type of cushion with or without covers.(More)
SUMMARY We demonstrated enhanced hair regeneration following topical administration of N-(3-oxododecanoyl)-l-homoserine lactone (HSL) in ob/ob mice. The ob/ob mice showed delayed hair regeneration (more than 6 wk) after depilation, which rapidly induced transition to anagen in the hair cycle in wild-type mice. Vehicle and HSL solutions were applied to the(More)
Pressure and shear stress are the factors of diabetic foot ulcers and callus formation. However, in-shoe shear stress of callus measurement could not have been measured because of technical difficulties. The purpose of this study is to verify reliability and validity of the established measurement system for in-shoe pressure and shear stress. For(More)
BACKGROUND Most older adults with urinary incontinence use absorbent pads. Because of exposure to moisture and chemical irritating substances in urine, the perineal skin region is always at risk for development of incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD). The aim of this study was to examine the efficacy of an improved absorbent pad against IAD. METHODS A(More)
Our purpose in this study was to investigate the application of B+M-mode ultrasound (B/M-mode) imaging as a new approach to quantifying activity patterns of the geniohyoid muscles during swallowing and to assess how these patterns differ according to age and gender. Sixty healthy volunteers (30 men, 30 women) were divided into three age groups (20-39,(More)
Chronic constipation is a disorder frequently encountered in clinical practice. Here, we describe the use of ultrasonography as a new approach to the follow-up of adult patients with functional chronic constipation. Specifically, we report two cases of functional chronic constipation: fecal retention in the rectum and not fecal retention in the rectum. In(More)