Hiromi Onuma

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Mass spectrometry (MS)-based metabolomic methods enable simultaneous profiling of hundreds of salivary metabolites, and may be useful to diagnose a wide range of diseases using saliva. However, few studies have evaluated the effects of physiological or environmental factors on salivary metabolomic profiles. Therefore, we used capillary electrophoresis-MS to(More)
Periodontal diseases are inflammatory infectious diseases that affect the periodontal tissue. Macrophages play a central role in inflammatory conditions, leading to the destruction of tissues. Identifying the signaling molecules secreted by macrophages would be valuable to the study of these diseases. Here, we present non-targeted analysis using capillary(More)
Its high nutritional content and sensory characteristics make edamame a popular vegetable bean. However, because of its short shelf-life, it is important to optimize the storage conditions to maintain its quality during distribution to consumers. We focused on storage conditions to investigate the temporal changes in the metabolic profiles and sensory(More)
Japanese sake (rice wine) is commonly heat treated (pasteurized) to maintain its quality. In this study, temporal changes in the metabolite profiles of pasteurized and unpasteurized sake were investigated during storage. Metabolomic analyses were conducted for eight sets of pasteurized and unpasteurized sake obtained from single process batches stored at 8(More)
BACKGROUND We have recently reported that eugenol exerted indiscriminate cytotoxicity towards normal oral cells and oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) cell lines without induction of apoptosis markers. In order to investigate the underlying mechanisms of cytotoxicity induction, we investigated the effect of short-term treatment with eugenol on the(More)
Duodenof iberscope has a sl im a n d shor t distal h a r d segmen t which is easily controled in the na r row space a n d is e n o u g h to do the short d is tance observat ion. Suct ion, infusion and biopsy are also capable wi th this ins t rument . Endoscopy of the areas or lesions wh ich were not visible wi th t radi t ional gastrofibderscope bec ame a(More)
Abbreviations LD Linkage disequilibrium SNP Single nucleotide polymorphism To the Editor: In a recent paper, Asano et al. reported on an analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) of the human resistin gene (RETN) in an aged Japanese population , and suggested that rs34861192 (SNP-638G>A) and rs3745368 (3′ UTR) are significant determinants of plasma(More)
BACKGROUND Occlusal raising method (so-called 'Template therapy') has been reported to alleviate various diseases and symptoms, but the underlying mechanism is not clear. We searched the low-molecular weight metabolite(s) in the saliva, the concentration of which is significantly changed by the template therapy. MATERIALS AND METHODS One female patient(More)
  • S. Toriie, M. Nakajima, +497 authors T. Kai
  • 2007
Betatron radiation therapy with about 5000 rads in total tumor dose. In four of 6 patients with positive AFP there were marked regression of the tumor with a remarkable decrease of AFP in sera. The other 2 patients were not well responded. In 12 patients with negative AFP there were also remarkable regression of the tumor with a decrease of hypervascularity(More)