Hiromi Ohtsubo

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The complete nucleotide sequence of the transposon Tn3 and of 20 mutations which affect its transposition are reported. The mutations, generated in vitro by random insertion of synthetic restriction sites, proved to contain small duplications or deletions immediately adjacent to the new restriction site. By determining the phenotype and DNA sequence of(More)
We demonstrate that mutants with deletions at either end of the insertion sequence IS1 lose the ability to mediate cointegration of two plasmids, whereas mutants with deletions or an insertion within IS1 can mediate cointegration at a reduced frequency. These results, together with the nucleotide sequence analysis of the IS1 mutants, indicate that the two(More)
We report the case of a 22-year-old male with autosomal recessive Alport syndrome. Molecular analysis showed that this patient has a homozygous missense (NM_000091.4:c.3266G>A) Gly1089Asp mutation in the COL4A3 gene. The proband inherited the mutation from his heterozygous carrier mother, whereas the father carried only wild-type alleles. We performed(More)
Four groups of eight 4-month-old infants were each habituated to one of four displays consisting of a grating of either low (0.4 cycle deg(-1) or high (1.2 cycles deg(-1) spatial frequency, whose central portion was covered up with a horizontal occluder which was either narrow (1.33 deg) or broad (4.17 deg). Posthabituation displays consisted of a complete(More)
Measurements of sound localization in the lateral dimension were taken with or without head movements when the observer wore the electronic pseudophone in an anechoic chamber. Tones of various frequencies as stimuli were presented from the loudspeakers located on the horizontal plane of the observer's head and on the circle, 2 m in diameter, around the(More)
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