Hiromi Maeda

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In patients with hepatic cirrhosis, the globus pallidus and putamen show high intensity on T1-weighted MRI. While the causes of this high signal have been thought to include paramagnetic substances, especially manganese, no evidence for this has been presented. Autopsy in four cases of hepatic cirrhosis permitted measurement of metal concentrations in brain(More)
Ten patients with tongue cancer underwent both MR imaging and sonography. In seven of these patients, pathologic findings from glossectomies were correlated with MR and sonographic results. MR images of resected specimens also were obtained in two patients, and relaxation time was calculated in one of these patients. MR images (5- to 7-mm thick slices) were(More)
There are three ways to approach and resect the caudate lobe of the liver, that is; and isolated caudate lobectomy, a combined resection of the liver overlying the caudate lobe, and a transhepatic anterior approach by splitting parenchyma of the liver. We had two patients with neoplasms originating in the caudate lobe who underwent a complete caudate(More)
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