Hiromi Kuroki

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The nucleotide sequences of five open reading frames within the Vibrio cholerae NAGV14 type IV pilus gene cluster were determined. The genes showed high homology to the mannose-sensitive hemagglutinin (MSHA) pilus genes mshB, mshC, mshD, mshO and mshP. PCR analysis showed that a MSHA-like gene cluster is highly conserved among different V. cholerae strains,(More)
Adhesive pilus of Vibrio cholerae 034, strain NAGV14, was genetically analyzed. The deduced amino acid (aa) sequence of the major pilin structural gene (VcfA) was 67% homologous to the MshA pilin in the N-terminal region, but no homology was found in the C-terminal region which contained the antigenic epitopes. Upstream and downstream flanking regions(More)
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