Hiromi Koguchi

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This study was performed to clarify how dietary fiber (DF) with different viscosities would be associated with dietary RNA metabolism. Male Wistar strain rats, four weeks old, were fed diets containing a 3% (w/w) yeast RNA and a 5% (w/w) viscous DF for five days. Viscosity of DF samples used, in order of strength, were xanthan gum (XG) > guar gum (GG) >(More)
This study was conducted to examine the effects of several kinds of dietary fiber (DF) with different physical properties on the elevation of uric acid and urea nitrogen concentrations in serum of rats induced by dietary adenine. DF decreased an uptake of 14C-labeled adenine in the rat jejunum in vitro, but the reduction varied with the physical property of(More)
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