Hiromi Hirano

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Recently, online shopping continues to thrive in modern societies, especially via tablets and smartphones; however, in current online shopping environments, there is insufficient support for shopping with several people, which is often what shoppers do together in the nonvirtual world. In this paper, we propose a novel system that provides a new online(More)
Let's assume that we are now watching the scene of Fig. 1-a, where a red racing car is running from left to right. At the same time, we feel like watching another scene like Fig. 1-b, where a similar car is running toward us. To find such a desired scene, we usually push the forward and rewind buttons or move the play bar. If we cannot find the scene in the(More)
Motivated by reasons related to data security and privacy, we propose a method to limit meaningful visual contents of a display from being captured by screenshots. Traditional methods take a system architectural approach to protect against screenshots. We depart from this framework, and instead exploit image processing techniques to distort visual data of a(More)
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