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Recently, animations with deforming objects have been frequently used in various computer graphics applications. Metamorphosis (or morphing) of three-dimensional objects is one of the techniques which realizes shape transformation between two or more existing objects. In this paper, we present an efficient framework for metamorphosis between two(More)
We propose a new method for producing unfolded papercraft patterns of rounded toy animal figures from triangulated meshes by means of strip-based approximation. Although in principle a triangulated model can be unfolded simply by retaining as much as possible of its connectivity while checking for intersecting triangles in the unfolded plane, creating a(More)
BACKGROUND Global longitudinal strain (GLS) measured by two-dimensional speckle tracking imaging (2D-STI) has been shown to be useful for assessing subtle change in left ventricular function in severe aortic stenosis (AS) patients with preserved left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF). However, there is little information about the relation between the(More)
Recently, animations with deforming objects are frequently used in various Computer Graphics applications. Metamorphosis (or morphing) of three dimensional objects is one of techniques which realize a shape transformation between existing two or more objects. We present a new algorithm for 3D geometric metamorphosis between two objects based on Harmonic(More)
A new algorithm is proposed for calculating the approximate shortest path on a polyhedral surface. The method mainly uses Dijkstra's algorithm and is based on selective refinement of the discrete graph of a polyhedron. Although the algorithm is an approximation, it has the significant advantages of being fast, easy to implement, high approximation accuracy,(More)
A tool which can quickly interpret line drawings (with hidden lines removed) of engineering objects as boundary representation CAD models would be of significant benefit in the process of engineering design. Inflation of the drawing to produce a frontal geometry, a geometric realisation of that part of the object visible in the drawing, is an important(More)
Automatic creation of B-rep models of engineering objects from freehand sketches would benefit designers. A subgoal is to take a single line drawing (with hidden lines removed), and from it deduce an initial 3D geometric realisation of the visible part of the object. Junction and line labels, and provisional depth coordinates, are important components of(More)
An algorithm for calculating the minimum distance between non-convex polyhedra is described. A polyhedron is represented by a set of triangles. In calculating the distance between two polyhedra, it is important to search efficiently the pair of the triangles which gives the pair of closest points. In our algorithm discrete Voronoi regions are prepared as(More)