Hiromasa Kiyota

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3.1. Biosynthesis from Jatrophanes 4313 3.2. Biosynthesis from Lathyranes 4314 4. Biological Activity 4314 4.1. Antiproliferative Activity 4314 4.2. Cytotoxicity 4316 4.3. Effects on the Cell Division 4316 4.4. DNA-Damaging Activity 4316 4.5. Modulatority of Multidrug Resistance 4316 4.6. Tumor Promoting Activity 4318 4.7. Pro-Inflammatory Activity 4318(More)
Yi-Bing Wu,† Zhi-Yu Ni,† Qing-Wen Shi,*,† Mei Dong,‡ Hiromasa Kiyota,* Yu-Cheng Gu,†,∥ and Bin Cong*,‡ †School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hebei Key Laboratory of Forensic Medicine, Hebei Medical University, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province 050017, China ‡Department of Forensic Medicine, Hebei Medical University, Hebei Key Laboratory of Forensic Medicine,(More)
A new paclitaxel derivative and two new 2(3-->20)-abeo-taxoids were isolated from a methanol extract of the seeds of Taxus mairei, and their structures were established as 1-deoxypaclitaxel (1), 7beta,10beta-diacetoxy-2alpha,5alpha,13alpha-trihydroxy-2(3-->20)-abeo-taxa-4(20),11-dien-9-one (2), and(More)
There is increasing demand for novel anti-inflammatory drugs with different mechanisms of action. We synthesized a series of isothiocyanates 2b-h based on 6-(methylsulfinyl)hexyl isothiocyanate (6-MITC) found in the pungent spice Wasabia japonica. Inhibitory activities against in-vitro growth of tumor cells and production of nitric oxide (NO) using the(More)
An aerobic endosulfan sulfate-degrading bacterium, Rhodococcus koreensis strain S1-1, was isolated from soil to which endosulfan had been applied annually for more than 10 years until 2008. The strain isolated in this work reduced the concentration of endosulfan sulfate (2) from 12.25 μM to 2.11 μM during 14 d at 30 °C. Using ultra performance liquid(More)
Natural Taxanes: Developments Since 1828 Yu-Fang Wang, Qing-Wen Shi,* Mei Dong, Hiromasa Kiyota,* Yu-Cheng Gu, and Bin Cong* School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hebei Medical University, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, 050017, China Department of Forensic Medicine, Hebei Medical University, Hebei Key Laboratory of Forensic Medicine, Shijiazhuang, Hebei(More)