Hiromasa Goto

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Phenylene-thiophene-based liquid crystalline π-conjugated copolymers bearing mesogenic groups as side chains were synthesized via a Stille polycondensation reaction and confirmed to exhibit a nematic liquid crystal phase at appropriate temperatures. The formation of a nematic phase, but not a smectic phase indicates cooperation of the main chain and side(More)
We carried out polycondensation of monomers bearing a bulky pyrimidine substituent in a liquid crystal solvent. The resultant polymers formed nematic liquid crystals. The polymers prepared in liquid crystals had higher coplanarity than the polymers prepared in toluene. This can be due to the fact that the ordered medium of the liquid crystal produces an(More)
An iodine accumulation method using polyaniline (PANI) and a textile composite is proposed. PANI/pulp paper sheets prepared by a paper making technique are suitable for iodine adsorption, because of good processability. The PANI-based paper sheets can be applied for iodine cleanup as air filters, water filters, and floorcloth. This concept may lead to a(More)
Polymerization of aniline in the presence of cellulose nano-fiber (CNF) is carried out. We used dried CNF, CNF suspension, and CNF treated by enzyme and ultra-sonification to obtain polyaniline (PANI)/CNF as a synthetic polymer/natural nano-polymer composite. The polymerization proceeds on the surface of CNF as a nano-reaction field. Resultant composites(More)
A new chiral compound was synthesized based on L-borneol. A cholesteric liquid crystal (LC) electrolyte solution was prepared by adding it as a chiral inducer to a nematic LC. A chiral poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT*, * = asymmetry) film was prepared by electrochemical polymerization in the induced cholesteric LC. The PEDOT* film showed a maximum(More)
Copolymers, consisting of isothianaphthene and phenylene derivatives with liquid crystal groups, were synthesized via Migita-Kosugi-Stille polycondensation reaction. IR absorption, UV-vis optical absorption, and PL spectroscopy measurements were carried out. Thermotropic liquid crystallinity of the polymers with bandgap of ~2.5 eV was confirmed.
We synthesized poly(isothianaphthene methine)s with chiral alkyl chains in the substituent. Resultant polymers are soluble in THF and CHCl 3. Structure of the polymers was characterized with FT-IR, FT-Raman, and UV-Vis-NIR optical absorption spectroscopy. They showed low-bandgap both in solution and in a form of film. Optical activity of the polymers was(More)
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