Hiroko Taniai

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Although there is accumulating evidence that intelligence quotient (IQ) indexes some aspects of the autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs), the causal relationship between autistic traits and IQ remains controversial. We examined the sources of covariation between autistic traits and IQ. As males have a four times greater risk of ASDs than females,(More)
An investigation of genetic structures underlying autistic traits was performed with samples from twins for which at least one proband had been ascertained as having autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) in our catchment area. In order to adjust for recent concepts of autism, we employed criteria for the broad spectrum of disease and the childhood autism rating(More)
This study identified the individual differences in the effects of Japanese Dyslexia. The participants consisted of 12 Japanese children who had difficulties in reading and writing Japanese and were suspected of having developmental disorders. A test battery was created on the basis of the characteristics of the Japanese language to examine Kana's(More)
There are conflicting hypotheses for the causes of Dyslexia in reading and writing difficulties, such as the phonological deficit hypothesis, double deficit hypothesis, magnocellular deficits hypothesis etc. The cause of the difficulties may vary between individuals. Moreover, most of these hypotheses consider only a single disability, despite the fact that(More)
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