Hiroko Shimanuki

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A new type of immuno-cell therapy called BRM-activated killer (BAK) therapy using non-MHC-restricted lymphocytes, CD56-positive cells, was devised. Peripheral blood lymphocytes were selected by immobilization with anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody and cultured for 2 weeks in the presence of IL-2. Thereafter, they were reactivated by 1,000 U/ml of IFN-alpha for(More)
We devised an innovative type of immunocell therapy called BRM (biological response modifier)-activated killer (BAK) therapy, which utilizes most of non-MHC (major histocompatibility complex) restricted lymphocytes, CD56+ cells including γδ T cells and NK cells. Peripheral blood lymphocytes were selected by immobilizing them with anti-CD3 monoclonal(More)
The international trade in bee products is a complex issue as a result of the diverse uses of these products. This is especially true with regard to honey. In most cases, honey is imported for human consumption: the high purchase and shipping costs preclude the use of honey as feed for bees. For these reasons, the risk of transmitting disease through honey(More)
BACKGROUND Analysis of bloodstream infections (BSIs) is valuable for their diagnosis, treatment and prevention. However, limited data are available in Japan. AIM To investigate the characteristics of patients with bacteraemia in Japan. METHODS This study was conducted in five hospitals from October 2012 to September 2013. Clinical, demographic,(More)