Hiroko Sakurai

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Video processing applications are now in demand on a great variety of platforms such as mobile devices or high performance servers. On the other hand, a great variety of performance is required for video processing applications such as high throughput, good accuracy, long battery life, and so on. Therefore, programmers today should study hard about various(More)
Real-time video processing applications such as intruder detection system are now in demand and being developed. However, on general purpose computers, it is difficult to guarantee that enough CPU resources can be surely be provided. We have proposed a pseudo real-time video processing library RaVioli for solving this problem. RaVioli conceals two types of(More)
Neurological symptoms induced by the infiltration of malignant lymphoma into the nervous systems are subsumed under the term neurolymphomatosis (NL). Here, we report the case of a 30-year-old Japanese man with primary testicular lymphoma complicated, as seen in various neurological findings, by secondary NL prior to testicular swelling. Painless right(More)
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