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In the field of motor control, two hypotheses have been controversial: whether the brain acquires internal models that generate accurate motor commands, or whether the brain avoids this by using the viscoelasticity of musculoskeletal system. Recent observations on relatively low stiffness during trained movements support the existence of internal models.(More)
Based on satellite observations of Earth’s time variable gravity field from the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE), it is possible to derive variations in terrestrial water storage, which includes groundwater, soil moisture, and snow. Given auxiliary information on the latter two, one can estimate groundwater storage variations. GRACE may be(More)
1. We have examined and compared the ability of binocularly activated striate neurons to make both position disparity and orientation disparity discrimination in the anesthetized (N2O/O2) and paralyzed cat preparation. 2. Accurate knowledge of eye position is essential for disparity studies. Using a retinal projection technique able to detect eye drifts of(More)
1. Subregions in the receptive fields of hypercomplex cells have been examined by a variety of quantitative methods with particular reference to the dimensions and properties of the end-zone inhibitory areas. These data have made it possible to construct detailed maps of the receptive-field organization of the two types of hypercomplex cell (I and II). 2.(More)
In a previous study, we evaluated six 2D barcodes using eight criteria for standardization potential: omnidirectional symbol reading, support for low-resolution cameras, reading robustness under different lighting conditions, barcode reading distance, error correction capability, security, support for multiple character sets, and data capacity. We also(More)
The problem of fitting a parametric model of time series with time varying parameters attracts our attention. We evaluate a goodness of time varying spectral models from an information theoretic point of view. We propose model selection criteria for locally stationary processes based on nonlinear functionals of a time varying spectral density without(More)
This paper describes a longitudinal analysis of the vowel development of two Japanese infants in terms of spectral resonant peaks. This study aims to investigate when and how the two infants become able to produce categorically separated vowels, and covers the ages of 4 to 60 months in order to provide detailed findings on the developmental process of(More)