Hiroko Fukasawa

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It has been demonstrated that several messenger RNA (mRNA) isoforms have been transcribed from the alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) gene. In rats, it was reported that the novel exon, termed the exon V, exists between the exons 7 and 8, and the novel mRNA isoform (termed AFP-V mRNA) is synthesized using the exon V. In this study, a reverse transcription-polymerase(More)
OBJECTIVE Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) is a major fetal serum protein, the biologic role of which has not been not fully elucidated. Recently, existence of a novel AFP mRNA isoform (del.1 AFP mRNA isoform), which is transcribed from the intron A (the intron between exons 1 and 2), has been reported in murine yolk sac and fetal liver. In the present study, we(More)
Adult granulosa cell tumor (AGCT) is an uncommon neoplasm of the ovary with potential for aggressive behavior and late recurrence. The most important prognostic factor for AGCT is tumor stage. Thus, cytological assessment of pleural or ascitic fluids is crucial for initial staging and subsequent patient management. We report herein two cases of ovarian AGCT(More)
The successful generation of cloned animals and the establishment of embryonic stem (ES) cell lines from somatic cells suggest that these techniques may be used in human regenerative medicine. However, the fact that oocytes must be donated by women undergoing infertility treatment remains a fundamental ethical objection, as they might be concerned about the(More)
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