Hiroko Fujimura

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AIM To evaluate the significance of BNIP3 in the pathogenesis of pancreatic cancer, we analyzed the relationship between the expression of BNIP3 and survival rate of the patients with pancreatic cancer, or chemosensitivities in pancreatic cancer cell lines, particularly for gemcitabine, the first-line anti-tumor drug for pancreatic cancer. METHODS To(More)
Although gemcitabine is the most effective chemotherapeutic agent against pancreatic cancer, a growing concern is that a substantial number of patients acquire gemcitabine chemoresistance. To elucidate the mechanisms of acquisition of gemcitabine resistance, we developed gemcitabine-resistant cell lines from six human cancer cell lines; three pancreatic,(More)
Several lines of evidence have suggested that the long arm of chromosome 12 may carry a tumor-suppressor gene(s) that plays a role in pancreatic ductal carcinogenesis. We have previously found a significant association between loss of heterozygosity of the 12q arm and a poor prognosis in pancreatic cancer patients. In this study, we introduced a normal copy(More)
Recently, a growing number in Japan are switching to taking baths in the morning (morning bathing). However, the effects of the morning bathing on human physiological functions and work efficiency have not yet been revealed. Then, we hypothesized that the effect of morning bathing on physiological functions would be different from those of night bathing. In(More)
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