Hiroki Yokoi

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This paper presents a new compact and rapid wall-climber. First the compact structure of the robot is introduced, which has a pair of driving wheels and a tilt-variable thruster with a set of coaxial propellers. Next the whole dual-control system is constructed, which is composed of both the remote and autonomous control. Then basic experiments are shown(More)
A diazo-bridged BODIPY dimer and tetramer were prepared by the oxidative coupling reaction of β-amino-substituted BODIPYs. The structure of the dimer was elucidated by X-ray diffraction analysis, showing its coplanar orientation of two BODIPY units. Effective extension of π-conjugation was confirmed by optical and electrochemical investigations.
Oxidation of 2-amino-substituted BODIPYs afforded BODIPY trimers in a one-step operation. The trimer consists of a pyrazine-fused BODIPY dimer to which one BODIPY unit is connected through an NH linkage. Effective expansion of π-conjugation over the fused dimer was observed in optical and electrochemical measurements.
Curved π-conjugated molecules have attracted considerable interest because of the unique properties originating from their curved π surface. However, the synthesis of such distorted molecules requires harsh conditions, which hamper easy access to heteroatom-containing curved π systems. Here we report the synthesis of a π-extended azacorannulene with(More)
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