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IT systems such as servers and routers need high-speed lower-power area-efficient chip-to-chip interconnections through backplane boards. These interconnections must overcome signal degradation due to the large insertion loss of low-cost boards. In this work, a 90nm CMOS 8Gb/s transceiver is developed. A TX 5-tap FFE, an RX analog equalizer, and a 2-tap DFE(More)
We isolated a LINE-type retrotransposon, LIb, which showed high transposition activity in sweet potato callus. A copy transposed in the callus was 6303 bp in length and showed key features of a LINE element. Apparently full-length copies sharing the 5' UTR sequence with the 6303-bp copy increased dramatically in the callus as several original copies in the(More)
We propose a novel method to synthesize a noise- and blur-free color image sequence using near-infrared (NIR) images captured in extremely low light conditions. In extremely low light scenes, heavy noise and motion blur are simultaneously produced in the captured images. Our goal is to enhance the color image sequence of an extremely low light scene. In(More)
To investigate the age-related changes in satellite cell (SC) proliferation in vivo, we used a compensatory activation (CAC) model of the hemi-diaphragm muscle. Young (2-month), adult (14-month) and old (24-month) rats were randomly divided into control and CAC groups. In the CAC group, denervation surgery in the left hemi-diaphragm was performed to induce(More)