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Following natural disasters, accidents, and shocking incidents, some children experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The respiration control method, which relaxes the body and mind, may efficiently prevent PTSD. Therefore, we developed a stuffed toy that leads children's respiration using the up-and-down movement of the abdomen to help them(More)
Subthreshold electrical stimulation with an intensity less than the threshold for evoking M-waves is applied repetitively to the common peroneal nerve via surface electrodes. The stimulation intensity is varied by adjusting the pulse width from 0 to 240 μs, while the pulse interval (40 ms) and current amplitude are kept constant. Single magnetic stimuli are(More)
Hopping-type charge transport in an amorphous thin layer composed of organic molecules is simulated by the combined use of molecular dynamics, quantum chemical, and Monte Carlo calculations. By explicitly considering the molecular structure and the disordered intermolecular packing, we reasonably reproduce the experimental hole and electron mobilities and(More)
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