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Neurons with surround suppression have been implicated in processing high-order visual features such as contrast- or texture-defined boundaries and subjective contours. However, little is known regarding how these neurons encode high-order visual information in a systematic manner as a population. To address this issue, we have measured detailed spatial(More)
Imaging mass spectrometry (IMS) is two-dimensional mass spectrometry to visualize the spatial distribution of biomolecules, which does not need either separation or purification of target molecules, and enables us to monitor not only the identification of unknown molecules but also the localization of numerous molecules simultaneously. Among the ionization(More)
Area V4 is an intermediate stage of the ventral visual pathway providing major input to the final stages in the inferior temporal cortex (IT). This pathway is involved in the processing of shape, color, and texture. IT neurons are also sensitive to horizontal binocular disparity, suggesting that binocular disparity is processed along the ventral visual(More)
—The number of People who have trouble with social skills and communication is now greater than ever for a variety of reasons. Autism spectrum conditions are an extreme example of these traits. Our objective is to measure these autistic traits automatically, and enable people with social and communication difficulties to improve social and communication(More)
Social skills training is a well-established method to decrease human anxiety and discomfort in social interaction, and acquire social skills. In this paper, we attempt to automate the process of social skills training by developing a dialogue system named "automated social skills trainer," which provides social skills training through human-computer(More)
Polymorphic adhesion molecules neurexin and neuroligin (NL) mediate asymmetric trans-synaptic adhesion, which is crucial for synapse development and function. It is not known whether or how individual synapse function is controlled by the interactions between variants and isoforms of these molecules with differing ectodomain regions. At a physiological(More)
Humans and animals use visual cues such as brightness and color boundaries to identify objects and navigate through environments. However, even when these cues are not available, we can effortlessly perform these tasks by using second-order cues such as contrast variation (envelope) of patterns on surfaces. Previously, numerous psychophysical studies(More)
Autism spectrum disorders are developmental disorders characterised as deficits in social and communication skills, and they affect both verbal and non-verbal communication. Previous works measured differences in children with and without autism spectrum disorders in terms of linguistic and acoustic features, although they do not mention automatic(More)
Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer and mortality in women worldwide. Recent studies have argued that there is a close relationship between lipid synthesis and cancer progression because some enzymes related to lipid synthesis are overexpressed in breast cancer tissues. However, lipid distribution in breast cancer tissues has not been investigated.(More)