Hiroki Takehashi

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To find the most susceptible lymphocyte subpopulation with exposure to various occupational hazardous substances, we reanalyzed our previous data. We measured T, B and natural killer NK cell subpopulations by means of flowcytometry among workers who were exposed to aromatic amines, chromate, mercury lead and organic-solvents. The exposed/non-exposed ratio(More)
This study explores the response of autistic children to a few design features of the robots for autism therapy and provides suggestions on the robot features that have a stronger influence on the therapeutic process. First, we investigate the effect of selected robot features on the development of social communication skills in autistic children. The(More)
In 51 normal young female subjects, stimulation by name calling or by intermittent photic stimulation was given during sleep. At different intervals after the stimulation, the subject was awakened and asked if she could recall it. If alpha activity had not been elicited by the stimulus, there was no recall. If the time occupied by alpha activity evoked by(More)
Guided by regulatory focus theory, this study examined the effects of goal framing on the subjective experience of affect and the accessibility of affective representations. Study I examined lay persons' beliefs concerning the relationship between goal framing and certain kinds of affective experiences. The results indicated that a promotion focus was(More)
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