Hiroki Takayanagi

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The mosquito proboscis is composed of seven micro parts. Among them, labrum and maxillae play important roles in insertion. The labrum is a central needle which sucks blood; two maxillae are left/right needles aside the labrum, respectively. They cooperatively move, i.e., one maxilla goes forward, labrum goes forward, another maxilla goes forward,(More)
The adaptor protein LGN interacts via the N-terminal domain comprising eight tetratricopeptide-repeat (TPR) motifs with its partner proteins mInsc, NuMA, Frmpd1 and Frmpd4 in a mutually exclusive manner. Here, the crystal structure of the LGN TPR domain in complex with human Frmpd4 is described at 1.5 Å resolution. In the complex, the LGN-binding region of(More)
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