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We identified the sequence-specific starting positions of consecutive miscalls in the mapping of reads obtained from the Illumina Genome Analyser (GA). Detailed analysis of the miscall pattern indicated that the underlying mechanism involves sequence-specific interference of the base elongation process during sequencing. The two major sequence patterns that(More)
The ascidian chordate Ciona intestinalis is an established model organism frequently exploited to examine cellular development and a rapidly emerging model organism with a strong potential for developmental systems biology studies. However, there is no standardized developmental table for this organism. In this study, we made the standard web-based image(More)
Involving dynamic and coordinated cell movements that cause drastic changes in embryo shape, gastrulation is one of the most important processes of early development. Gastrulation proceeds by various types of cell movements, including convergence and extension, during which polarized axial mesodermal cells intercalate in radial and mediolateral directions(More)
The description of 3D shapes with features that possess descriptive power and invariant under similarity transformations is one of the most challenging issues in content based 3D model retrieval. Spherical harmonics-based de-scriptors have been proposed for obtaining rotation invariant representations. However, spherical harmonic analysis is based on(More)
IgG4-related disease is a new disease classification established in Japan in the 21st century. Patients with IgG4-related disease display hyper-IgG4-gammaglobulinemia, massive infiltration of IgG4+ plasma cells into tissue, and good response to glucocorticoids. Since IgG4 overexpression is also observed in other disorders, it is necessary to diagnose(More)
This paper generalizes the basic idea of blobs in preattentive perception using color information. This is used as the base of a basic classification of low resolution pictures taken with mobile phones. This classification, the blob-like representation of the image and other information in user's context, such as GPS information, can be used in the(More)
Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry (FT-ICR/MS) is the best MS technology for obtaining exact mass measurements owing to its great resolution and accuracy, and several outstanding FT-ICR/MS-based metabolomics approaches have been reported. A reliable annotation scheme is needed to deal with direct-infusion FT-ICR/MS metabolic(More)
BACKGROUND Interaction with integrin and focal adhesion kinase (FAK) regulates the cancer cell adhesion and invasion into extracellular matrix (ECM). In addition, phosphorylation of FAK correlates with the increase of cell motility and invasion. Adhesion and spreading of cancer cells on a variety of ECM proteins, including collagen type IV (Coll IV), leads(More)
An isokinetic dynamometer was used to measure plantar flexion muscle strength at 60 degrees/s and 200 degrees/s in 10 healthy young men (mean age 25 years). Muscle and tendon stiffnesses were determined on the dynamometer by the use of electrical stimulation and passive stretch (200 degrees/s). Differences in jumping heights between squat and(More)